Replica cabin at
Little House on the Prairie Museum
Independence, Kansas
Sunny Side School - Built in 1872
An Early Post Office from Wayside, KS
A caravan tour is a group of vehicles (maximum of six) traveling together.  Everyone travels in their own vehicle (or one that has been rented).  Little House Site Tours plans the routes, lodging, site visits, picnic, and a farewell dinner.  All lodging places have a swimming pool.

This tour begins on Thursday, June 18, 7 PM, in Joplin, MO and ends on June 20 with a group dinner and an overnight stay in Joplin, MO;  departure on June 21.
​                                                  ALL  MEALS  ARE  PROVIDED  ON  THIS  TOUR

KANSAS  -  MISSOURI  TOUR  -  June 18  -  21, 2020
We tour Rocky Ridge Farm, the house built
by Laura and Almanzo
in Mansfield, Missouri,
We enjoy our tour of Rock House, 
where Laura started writing her 
Little House books.
All ages enjoy this beautiful 
 LIW Museum in
Mansfield, Missouri 
 a wonderful tribute to Laura and her books.